What is The Sovereign Economy?

The Sovereign Economy.

Sovereign (Adjective):  Possessing supreme or ultimate power.

‘In modern democracies the people’s will is in theory sovereign’

 The Sovereign Economy is at the behest of the will of all of the people.

At the core of The Sovereign Economy are the vital, strategic industries and services crucial to the security and well being of all of the people. Including:

Utilities: Water. Energy. Telecoms.

Healthcare. The NHS.


Transport: Train and bus service.

Post Office and Mail service.

Social services and social housing.

Infrastructure: Investment banking and building services for national and local council infrastructure.

Sovereign Accounting and Auditing service.

The Sovereign Bank: A banking entity providing retail and SME services, savings and services.

Core defence industries.

The Sovereign Economy will end the exposure of vital strategic industries to the debilitating fluctuations of the open economy, predatory banking practices, tax avoidance and will provide inherent stability.

Unlike a purely nationalised economy, The Sovereign Economy will interact with the Open Economy under strict guidelines.

However, The Sovereign Economy will be separate and distinct from the open economy. It will be owned by the people for the service of the people, and like a ‘holding company’ the chosen government of the day will be the agency charged with administration and governance.

Copyright. Graham Day. 2018.


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